Nature and music are the primary sources of inspiration for my work. In 2005 I began experimenting with paper and natural objects. I constructed sculptural forms that look like "wings," out of paper sewn onto thin branches. Constructing the branches into a skeletal form for my "wings" led me to the exploration of animal skeletons. Skeletons can be beautiful, and their design is natural and simplistic while at the same time intriguingly complex. In my paintings of animal skeletons and leaves, I show the simplistic complexity and delicacy of the natural objects. While studying at the University of Maryland this past fall, I began working on a series of large acrylic paintings. These paintings focus on expressionism and the relationship between the heard music and a visual representation of the rhythm expressed through the music. As I continue my exploration, I hope to merge my two styles of painting together, to show the simplistic beauty and rhythm of nature.