Robyn Church Hatton grew up in an artistic family and built on that foundation by pursuing an international education in the arts. Her grandmother, Peggy Pond Church, a prominent southwestern poet and writer, and her mother, a visual artist, were both intimately involved with the renowned Taos Art Colony in New Mexico. Profoundly influenced by those artists, especially Victor Higgins, Gustave Baumann and Olive Rush, Robyn gained an intimate understanding of, and appreciation for the diversity, individuality, and history of art and its makers through her unique childhood experiences, which included art classes, exhibits, visiting artist friends in their studios and on location, and working in her family's home studio. During her high school years, Robyn's influences expanded to include studies of the works of the Masters, formal British art instruction, as well as instruction by individual European artists in the Netherlands. Robyn's artistic education is ongoing, including forays into bronze lost-wax casting, encaustic, and studies of various American and European techniques.

Robyn uses diverse media to present a commentary on life and its meaning through her art, displaying the truth - both the ugly and the beautiful. Her diverse work includes fiber art created on the four harness floor loom, stained glass, clays, oil, watercolor, pastel, encaustic, and metal work. One of her metal statues towers over ten feet tall, while another bronze statue is only inches tall. She is a multi-talented, energetic artist, with a joyful and deeply thoughtful perspective. She has a deep love of artistic discovery and expression of meaning in her creative imagery. She has currently been working primarily in oil, acrylic and watercolor. She instructs from her private studio, a local art center, as well as public and private educational institutions. Her works have been displayed and collected in private collections, art exhibitions, institutions, and by individual and institutional patrons in Maryland, the United States, and internationally.

Robyn may be reached through her business, Hatton Creations, at: